Tuesday, 20 March 2012

19th March....Nearly Finished....

Living Room - nearly completed.......


  1. Hi Laura - stunning pictures - could you give me a bell please - I'm a freelancer for the national papers and reckon this story could do quite well if I can use the photos and have a nice picture of you as well.
    Email me at stian42@hotmail.com or call on 07528-679198



  2. Hi,

    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?


  3. inspirational Laura! I came across your story about living spaces from Ch4 yesterday. I walk those pavements daily and now when I do it shall make me smile :-)

  4. A smile in this weather is always good!!

  5. I saw your home on George's show tonight. Wow such a beautiful space. I love your shelving ideas and will be buying those shelves for my lounge tomorrow. You've done a wonderful job. Absolutely beautiful
    Mel x

    1. Thank you Mel! You can get normal floating shelves from ikea etc - but they are quite short and not very strong - and expensive!

      My shelves were made on site using oak block worktops...chopping them up and then fixing them back into the wall with long steel rods..and they take a lot of weight...and worked out much cheaper for the amount I did. I love floating shelves, Im sure they will look great in your lounge...Lx

  6. Hi Laura,

    After seeing you and your beautiful flat on Channel 4, I feel really inspired now about what I could do with my own living space.

    If you don't mind trading your fabulous design secrets, would it be possible to find out from you please how you achieved the golden wall effect in your simply stunning bathroom which I just adore...?

    Wishing you lots of happiness in your home and lots of future success in your career.


  7. Thank you - of course..I used gold leaf...it was actually called imitaion gold lead - as I couldn't afford real gold leaf! It was tricky, and takes time..doing that whole wall took me 2 nights. Depending where you put it, you need to make sure you use the right size and laquer. Drop me an email and let me know how you get on!

  8. What a lovely flat - I saw it on a TV program about small homes (had a big laugh when the program-host smelled your kitchen tiles).
    It's a great idea using spaces that are normally not considered as proper places to live. I will contact the City Council i Copenhagen and ask if I can do the same.
    Btw; do you have a fireescape?

  9. Truly amazing! Great work and vision!

  10. Hi LJ,

    I saw your magnificent work and fell in love with your new home. So creative of you and hoping i have even a little of your creativity (but sadly I don't have it). I love your floating shelves and wonder how you made it. Would like to do it in our apartment since i don't have much stuff. Wanted to put something on my wall but afraid that it will just break my decors from falling. Could you give me an idea how to achieve it?

    Thanks in advance and hope to see more of your works (do you have website of it) to give me some ideas.

    More power to you and thanks in advance :). Have a wonderful day!


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  12. Excelente. Resolvió de manera práctica, habitable, espectacular.

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